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Meeting Your Goals
Whether you have limitations in budget or specific deadlines in mind, we strive to meet your project goals. In today’s economy, we understand that budgets often drive the project. We will help you stay within your financial boundary. Working on a deadline? Need apparel for an event? We always deliver on time and rush orders are not a problem.

Providing Brands That Speak For Themselves
A variety of customizable brands are available through Mehco. Brands such as Adidas, IZOD, Oakley, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Bella+Canvas, Dri Duck, Stormtech, Red Kap, Nike, Ogio, Eddie Bauer, New Era, Dickies, Carharrt, Augusta, Holloway, Teamwork Athletic, Richardson and Pacific, Alleson, and Under Armour.

Attractive Design
Whatever your apparel needs may be, we can provide you with an attractive, quality product. Explore a few of our apparel catalogs for a glimpse of the varieties available in colors and sizes.

Quality Embroidery
Brand recognition is key in today’s market. Customization in apparel is an important part of this branding. Our quality embroidery allows for a multitude of specialized options such as flat embroidery, simple appliqué, specialty threads, 3D/Puff embroidery, digitizing, monogramming and much more.

Athletic Apparel
We know the challenges that come with selecting athletic apparel. Quality and pricing are always a concern. We work with the best suppliers in team wear to remove the risks by providing accurate mockups with competitive pricing. Click here to enter our Team Headquarters.